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College Grads: Living with your parents

That stigma of living home with your parents for the most part has disappeared. With a rough economy and a tough job market, college grads often find relief by moving back in with their parents after college graduation. It is becoming an increasingly popular action for young adults (maybe not such good news for parents of college grads though).

Moving back home after college graduation can be a good thing (bear with me parents). My client Katie is a great example. When Katie came to coach with me she was a new college grad. She didn’t want to just settle into any old job and she just wasn’t sure what it was she wanted to do. She felt like she had graduated, but now what. She kept tossing around the idea of grad school, but she didn’t know if that was the best decision. By moving back in with her parents after college she was able to take some time to figure out what she really wanted. It provided her with some financial stability and space.  She wasn’t pressured to make a haste decision.

Eventually through career coaching Katie decided that she really did want to go to graduate school in order to achieve her now clear career goals. By living with her parents she was able to step back as a new college grad and make a strong decision on the question “what do I want to do now”. The reason that Katie was successful in moving in with her parents after graduation was because she had a very specific plan. She knew that it was short-term and she had action steps to get her out of their house.  Instead of getting sucked into any old 9-5 job right out of college, she was able to regroup and really think about her future.

Moving back in with your parents can be a great alternative if you need a little extra time and support to get on the right track after graduation. I have had countless clients who are in this boat. The key is to not make this a permanent stay. It can be easy to get comfortable so you need to set goals for yourself and make a plan for how long you will stay. It shouldn’t be long-term. You also need to be responsible around the house and pull your own weight. Hanging out on the couch all day is not beneficial to you.

I read this great story in the New York Post recently titled: Go ahead, move back in with the folks. Check it out for more information on moving back with your parents after college graduation.

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Hallie Crawford
College Grad Help