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Career Transitions: Tip #4 To Get You On the Path to Success in Your Transition

Tip #4 Claim your life.

My last thought for you – for this series of posts about career transition – is … claim your life. Change can be hard and uncomfortable. It’s human nature to avoid it. But you need to know this: There never is a perfect time to make a drastic career change, and you can always come up with excuses/reasons not to. You do need to take some kind of risk and perhaps step out of your comfort zone. The key is to minimize the risk and be smart about it. Take baby steps. Get support from a career coach like me or someone else who can provide solid guidance and the resources you need to move ahead with your plans. Remember, tons of other people have done it successfully, you can too.

If you have any questions about making a career change, discovering what type of career best suits your skills, or determining what to look for in an ideal career, I’m here to help.

All the best for a rewarding and fulfilling career doing what you love!

College Grad Coach

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