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Career Tips for Introverts (Part 2)


introvertsHallie was honored to be featured in a recent PopSugar article featuring tips for introverts. As a follow up to this article, we wanted to share some additional tips with you.

Introverts can have a harder time in career transition, and sometimes at work because they tend to be quieter and get their energy from being alone as opposed to working in larger groups. Introverts can also feel frustrated at times because they prefer to work in the background instead of standing in the limelight, and can be less rewarded at work. Unfortunately, in our current go-getter world of corporate America, being an introvert can seem detrimental to career success-but it doesn’t have to be.

So what can help an introvert to reach the top of their career?

  • Discover your strengths. Being an introvert doesn´t mean you don´t have anything to bring to the table. Successful people such as Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and JK Rowling are all introverts. Take some time to think about your professional abilities. What sorts of projects do you excel at? How can you demonstrate your strengths to your superiors and help them appreciate your strengths and skills? Keep a running list of accomplishments you bring up to them at your performance reviews, and 1-1 meetings periodically as well. Don’t be afraid to shine a light on what you’ve accomplished.
  • Be yourself. As an introvert, always being around others can be exhausting and cause you to lose the will to be creative. Keep this in mind in the workplace. Accept the fact that you are an introvert and use it to your advantage. This doesn´t mean that you should isolate yourself. Instead, learn how to manage your energy effectively. Do you work in a group at work? Try using your lunch break as your down time. Close your office door periodically if needed to get some quiet time.
  • Try being an extrovert from time to time. Speak up in meetings, offer to do a presentation, and attend networking events and talk to people! We know you would rather spend your evenings on the couch watching your favorite Netflix show, but finding opportunities here and there to socialize in company settings will help you get to the next level in your career.
  • Two great books to help you are: “The Introvert Advantage”, and “The Introverted Leader”. These can help you understand how to educate others as needed about your strengths as an introvert. Discover how to manage your energy effectively in a more extroverted department or organization. Learn how to get enough down time to yourself. And how to be more extroverted when needed. was founded by certified career coach, speaker and author Hallie Crawford. Since 2002, the company’s team of certified career coaches have helped thousands of job seekers worldwide identify their ideal career path, navigate their career transition and achieve their career goals. Schedule a free consult with today to learn more about our services.