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Career Corner: Cover Letters 101

I have many people ask me about cover letters. Do they need one? How can you get yours noticed? Here's an excerpt from an article I wrote on this topic. Click here to read the entire article.

So you’ve created a great-looking resume that’s sure to impress potential employers. Terrific! Now…what about your cover letter? Most people overlook the importance of this key item when sending out their resume. Don't miss your chance to communicate with your potential future boss. The cover letter helps make it happen.

Tips on Getting Your Cover Letter Noticed

1 – Be specific and demonstrate knowledge.
2 – Address the letter to the person who will be reading it.
3 – Play up the positives; explain or downplay the negatives.
4 – Neatness and professionalism counts.

The red flag of cover letter writing:

If you’re having trouble writing your cover letter, there could be a reason. Maybe it's not the ideal job for you after all! Engage in some personal career exploration and get insight into finding the perfect career for you.

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Here's to having a career you love,
Hallie Crawford
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