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Career Corner: Career Advice for College Grads – How to Network With Family and Friends

Ever  seriously considered talking to friends and relatives about your career search? Believe it or not, it can be one of the first big career  moves you make. You’ll most likely gain some great insights and maybe even an  opportunity or two – try it out.

Granted,  job networking with your nearest and dearest may feel uncomfortable at first.  But since you don’t yet have a professional network, you almost have to start with people in your  immediate circle. Actually, this is a great opportunity for them to start  seeing you as more than just a kid out of college, but someone serious about  their future career goals.

You  may feel a bit funny about approaching your uncle Bob in a professional and  serious manner. But believe it or not, he can be one of the best people to give  you the inside scoop on your chosen field… and he’ll likely be flattered that  you asked for his advice. So…how do you kick this networking thing into gear?  In the next several Career Corner posts are tips to ease you into the practice:

Tip  #1- Take the first step

If you  have a former employer from a college job, then definitely contact them and  make sure you get letters of recommendation. Next, start thinking of who you  can approach – and ask your parents for ideas. They know more people than you  think and may even have some connections in the industry you’re interested in.  Family and friends are usually happy to support you so they’re a safer place to  get this process going.

Get  started today!

Hallie Crawford
  Career Expert