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Career Corner: Career Advice for College Grads – How to Network With Family and Friends Tip #2

How do you kick this career networking thing into gear?
Here’s tip #2 to ease you into the practice:

Tip #2 – Don't be afraid to make the cold call.

Sure you may not know your second cousin well, but that’s ok.  People love to talk about themselves. They also usually love to help young people get a leg up in their ideal career. And you’re a family member, so it’s not totally a cold call. Start with an email introduction if possible, so you're not putting them on the spot on the phone. That will make it easier on both of you. Then, ask them for a good time to talk… and be sure to find out how much time they can give you so you're respectful of that. Work around their schedule and be sure to thank them several times to let them know you appreciate their time.

Good luck,
Hallie Crawford
Career Planning Coach