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Career Coaching Experts Thoughts on The Corporate Ladder


Career coaching expert, Hallie Crawford, was recently interviewed for an article about climbing the corporate ladder. The article, “A view of the top” analyzed a CareerBuilder survey and found that fewer employees are aiming for top management roles.

career-coachingCrawford was quoted as saying “I think there can be a perception that the higher you climb, the less of a life you will have. Sometimes that is accurate, but sometimes it is just a perception because there are companies out there that value and provide life balance. Some people also just don’t want a management position. For example, I’ve had clients who have had to manage people before and they flat out don’t like it so they want to move back down. Others don’t value or care about the prestige that comes up with moving up the ladder. It’s not in their DNA or part of their value system, so they don’t pursue it.”

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