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Can’t Afford Career Coaching?


What are you to do if you can’t afford career coaching?  First, at, we offer many affordable career coaching alternatives, including a home study program and group career coaching. Check out out Coaching Packages here. For specific rates and a free career consult to help propel you in the right direction, feel free to contact us!

afford-career-coachingIf you still find you’re among those who want or need coaching, but can’t afford a coach, you have options:

  •         Public Libraries

Public libraries offer free resources, listings, computers, and even courses to help job seekers. Each state should have a website directory for the libraries in your location.

  •         U. S. Department of Labor

The U. S. Department of Labor offices have free resources including seminars, consultants to give assistance, and computer programs with job listings.

  •         Job Support Groups

Many churches or organizations offer free job support groups with speakers, resume reviews, and other job-related assistance. Google job search support groups in your city to find listings of local groups that meet or provide assistance to job seekers. One example for Atlanta is here:

Could you use these options instead of coaching?   Of course you could. Coaching has the advantage of offering you individualized attention as opposed to group consultations.  But regardless of your financial situation, if you need help, fortunately, a variety of help is available.  Don’t hesitate to seek it.

We hope this is helpful to you! Terry L. Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, BCC, Career Coach at

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