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Be Brutally Honest On Your Cover Letter? It landed this grad a job


Wanted to share this inspirational story with you about a recent grad who was brutally honest on his cover letter – and it paid off. He said he would fetch coffee, shine shoes, do whatever it took to get and keep the internship he was applying for. And he wouldn’t send them a list of inflated credentials-the same old same old. Will this work for you? It could – and here’s what we would suggest. It’s more likely to work for a recent grad applying for an internship where you can get away with being less formal and saying things like this because it’s in internship. But, the strategy of being up front and direct regardless can pay off. You can let them know it’s a career transition for you and explain why you’re incredibly passionate about your change. Tell them you are willing to do what it takes to succeed in that job. Have a reference contact the hiring manager via email to put in a good word for you. It is ok and actually a good idea in your search to take some risks – as long as they are professional, tasteful, authentic ones that will help you stand out. It can be hard to know the difference so run your ideas by friends, family members or your career coach. Here’s the article: Brutally honest cover letter lands grad dream job