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Don’t Change Your Resume for Each Job — Change Your Cover Letter!


If you were to change your resume for every job for which you applied, you’d spend all your time writing and re-writing your resume, especially if you’re considering a range of different jobs.  Even worse, you might be paying a resume writer to do so for you!   Once you have a well-written professional resume, all you have to do is change your cover letter to reflect the name of the job for which you are applying.

For example:

Dear Mr. Jones:

cover-letter-helpI would like to be considered for your opening for (an accountant, or customer service representative, or flight attendant).

If you want the reader to notice specific parts of your resume, you can add a sentence to your cover letter referencing them.

For example:

As my enclosed resume shows, I already have 10 years of experience working as a flight attendant for two major international airlines.

So simplify your writing and only change your cover letter.  Job searching will be so much easier and so much less time consuming when you do!

We hope this is helpful to you! Terry L. Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, BCC, Associate Career Coach at