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Ace Your Next Interview

“I’m so nervous, I’m just so nervous.” If you tell yourself you’re nervous before an interview, you will probably follow your own instructions and you will be nervous. Instead of being nervous, before an interview, tell yourself you’re excited – and believe it! Relabeling your emotions is an effective way to control your reactions. After all, nervousness and excitement feel a lot alike.

What you say to yourself makes a world of difference in calming your nerves during an interview, so don’t even think of telling yourself that you’re nervous. Instead, tell yourself:

· I’m prepared and confident.
· I want to find out more about this job so I can decide if I want it.
· I have an opportunity to meet people I haven’t met before, talk about my skills and abilities, and show off my personality.

Once you’re in your interview, keep your composure the entire time. If an interviewer asks you a question and you don’t know how to answer, simply say, “Will you give me a minute to think about that?” Then, give the best answer you can. Remember, since interviewers are human and have been an interviewee themselves, most will understand.

Here is a recap: Relabel your name for your emotions, talk positively to yourself, act confident, look directly into the interviewer’s eyes, and show your excitement about having this job interview. Enthusiasm is contagious so if you’re enthusiastic about your interview, the chances are high that your interviewer will be enthusiastic about you too!

Ready? Show your best side and ace your next interview!

Terry L. Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, BCC and Hallie Crawford, Certified Career Coaches