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I Never Hear Back From Them – How to Work With Temp Agencies


I was talking with career coaching client Kevin in NC this week about working with temp agencies. He is looking for a short term position to keep busy and add structure to his day, but also to let potential employers know he didn’t just sit on the couch while conducting his search for his dream job. I suggested he contact 3 agencies in his area to cast his net wider and increase his chances. And, gave him the following job search advice I wanted to share with you as well.

When working with temp agencies try to establish a relationship with them. If they don’t invite you in to participate in testing, offer to come in anyway. This is your chance to meet one of the placement agents and make a connection. They’ll be more likely to keep you in mind as openings come across their desk and it shows you care enough about getting a gig that you’re willing to do what it takes. And they want to place people who are assertive and who will represent their agency well. While you are there, ask them the best way to stay in touch with them. Can you call them once a week, or is email better? Or do they have a website where they post positions that you could contact them about to stay on top of your efforts. Design the relationship with them so you know what would be most effective, don’t just send in your resume and expect to hear back. Be assertive! If they don’t want you to come in and are adamant about it, still ask these questions. Do as much as possible to establish a relationship with one of their agents, however you can.

When I worked at a temp agency in their back office in Chicago, I remember hearing some of the agents speaking with employees they really liked and when they got off the phone they said they wanted to place them as soon as possible because they were impressed with them. These candidates called the agents once a week just to touch base to keep them top of mind. And – there were people they heard from as well they didn’t want to because they weren’t impressed with them. So job seekers – be the one they want to place! And stay in touch with them in a way that you have pre-designed with them. It will increase your chances of getting that next gig.

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