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Your Dream Job: Learn From Others’ Journeys

dream job

dream jobWhen you are clarifying your dream job, it’s helpful to talk with others who are also in the process of doing the same thing or who have already completed the process. They can share valuable tips from first-hand experience. This is different from brainstorming in that it’s about what others have done that works . . . or didn’t.

Start by looking among family members, friends, or someone in your professional network who loves their work. Ask how they identified what they wanted to do, the successes and failures they dealt with, and what they learned from both. Share your plans with as many supportive people as possible who can provide valuable input.

Often in my coaching groups, clients report they discovered a new career idea because they spoke with someone about their desires and that person gave them additional options to consider. In addition, the person you’re talking with might know someone to network with in the industry you’re considering. Diana didn’t know anything about being a lawyer for a large hotel chain, but this was one of her main career ideas and the one she was most excited about. Through friends, she met a lawyer who worked for Starwood Hotels. After conducting an informational interview (more on this later) with him, she liked what she heard and is pursuing that career path today.

Take the time to talk to others and don’t be shy! When you begin speaking to others about their career journeys, especially those in fields that you are interested in, you’ll become more motivated and excited as well as more informed. Reach out to people and be willing to learn from them as much as possible.

In a nutshell: Learn from others’ successes and failures.

We hope this information is helpful to you!

Hallie Crawford, Certified Career Coach


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