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Planning Your Career Path with CYCP

Need a one-time session on a specific topic? Choose one of our options below…

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StrengthsFinder™ Session

You'd like to discover your strengths and better articulate how you stand out from the crowd.
  • CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder™) assessment code
  • 30-minute session to discuss your results with your coach
  • Session notes

Mock Interview Session

You’d like to practice and hone your interview skills with one of our expert coaches.
  • 55-minute session
  • Review the most important types of interview questions
  • Evaluate your tone and delivery
  • Start on your close and 30-90-day plan presentation
  • Access to all of our coaching materials and e-books
  • Session notes

Strategic Career Planning Session

You'd like to identify your long-term career goals and make a plan to follow through.
  • 55-minute session to develop your strategic plan with a coach
  • Access to our Ideal Career Model and Strategic Career Plan template
  • Action items to achieve your goals
  • Session notes

Not ready to invest in coaching? Check out our lower cost workbooks. They can help you identify your ideal career, work on your job search, and begin your career transition.

*There will be a $5 processing fee for all orders.