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Working Long Hours? Here’s How to Stop

Stop Working Long Hours

Stop Working Long HoursRecently, Certified Career Coach Hallie Crawford wrote an article for US News. “How to Stop Working Long Hours” depicts how you can organize your work, delegate effectively and finish work on time.

The clock ticks past 6 p.m. and you still have a project to finish. You sigh and decide you either need to stay at the office, or take your work home with you. In either case, it will be a long work night, or work weekend. Sound familiar? We have all found ourselves in a situation like this at one time or another, and sometimes deadlines just have to be met. We can’t avoid them.

But if having to stay past the end of your regularly scheduled workday is a regular occurrence, or if you just can’t seem to stay on top of your tasks and projects, you’re going to get burned out and something will need to change. If this scenario resonates with you, the good news is, in many cases, there are small things you can do to stay in control of your work schedule.

Here are a few tips.