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Why You Should Let Your Partner Into Your Professional Life

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As seen on US News Money, by Hallie Crawford, Certified Career Coach:
6 Ways Your Significant Other Can Boost Your Career

Significant others can be great team players and a wonderful support system for us – personally and professionally. Our partners have a large impact on our lives, and it makes sense that we not only allow them into the professional element of our lives, but even ask them to participate in it in a positive way, if they’re willing to do so. In fact, a 2014 study out of Washington University in St. Louis shows that conscientious spouses positively impact our career success and help us put our best foot forward.

Your partner can be a great boost when it comes to your career. And if he or she is not helpful for whatever reason, that can add a large weight on you as well. While you should keep certain business matters confidential, it’s a great idea to let your significant other, in the right way, be a part of your business world. And if your partner is not helpful, ask him or her for what you want.

Keep in mind that this advice needs to be tailored to your situation, your partner and whether or not you want to involve him or her in your professional life. (And if so, how much do you want to involve him or her?)

If you’re open to the idea, here are six ways your partner can help you be the best professional you can be:

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