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What are you missing by not networking?

 I’m so excited! One of my clients in our coaching groups just got an awesome job that he loves! How did he, at 22, a new college grad in this economy succeed so well?
Here’s his story:
Before he graduated he joined one of our coaching groups. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do with his career and he needed some direction. He understood the importance of not only finding a job after he graduated but spending time to find one that he would really enjoy. One that would bring him fulfillment and purpose. Once he narrowed down what he had in mind he started networking with everyone he knew.
He was discussing his career with a family member and they told him about a friend of theirs that might know of a job for him. After some back and forth, he found out about a career opportunity through that guy and his family member. And guess what he did next…he contacted the company directly, mentioning the guys name and simply asked if there was a position available. They said yes there was an opening. After the initial application and resume he was offered an interview…via Skype.  He did great on the interview and was offered a second interview. A couple days later the job was his!
I wanted to share this story with you because I can’t stress to you how important networking is in your job search. It is much harder to find a job from online job directories. You can’t just sit behind your computer and expect to have your dream job land in your lap.
And even more important than networking is having the right attitude. Be positive and believe that you can do this. Get out there and network. Having the right attitude is key to finding your dream career.
Yes, unemployment is high. Yes, it isn’t as easy to get a job (in some industries). So are you going to walk around with a negative attitude and complain to anyone who will listen? OR, are you going to network and get moving like my client did? Are you going to take action?
Remember, successful people didn’t AVOID obstacles; they learned how to overcome them and learn from them.
Here’s to having a career you love!
Hallie Crawford
Career Counseling Coach

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