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What Will You Say When You Get Your Job Offer?

Thank you to Terry Wynne, one of our certified career coaches, for this article!

When you get an offer for the job you so want, what will you say? Your immediate answer could be, “Yes, I accept, thank you so much,” or perhaps, “When do you want me to start?” When you receive a job offer, the employer usually confirms a salary offer as well. Something to consider is whether or not you want to ask about negotiating this salary.

Fear holds some people back from negotiating. They fear the employer will retract the job offer or even worse, they fear they don’t know how to negotiate. If you’re comfortable, you can simply ask, “I’m so happy you’ve offered me the job, but I wonder, is this salary negotiable?” You may hear a reply of “No,” but you may also hear a response of, “What did you have in mind?” Congratulations, you have started the negotiation process!

If you do decide to negotiate, be sure you know the salary comparable companies in the same area are paying for the position you’re accepting. If you need help with the art of negotiating, simply contact us at Create You Career Path. We’d love to help you negotiate your salary for the job of your dreams!

Hallie Crawford and Terry Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, BCC
Certified Career Coaches

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