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Wanna give good face without the parabens?

This is another one from Ideal Bite, related to yesterday’s post. I believe that Whole Foods has cosmetics you can buy that are paraben-free.

The Bite
As many-a-Biter knows, parabens are synthetic preservatives that can disrupt hormones – and they’re everywhere, even your makeup bag. Next time you primp, use paraben-free cosmetics for gorgeousness inside and out.

The Benefits

  • Get glam. These cosmetics look fab – freedom from parabens is an added bonus.
  • Better for Biter bodies. Cosmetics ingredients aren’t regulated by the FDA, so you gotta take extra precautions on what your largest organ (yeah, your skin) consumes.
  • Better for the earth, since the chems that we wash off our bodies often end up in nature.

Personally Speaking

A self-proclaimed cosmetics junkie, Heather scans new beauty finds at Skin Deep, an online database of skin care and cosmetic products ranked by safety.

Wanna Try

Avoid ingredients with the word “paraben” at the end and freshen up your makeup bag with our fave finds:

  • Anne Marie Borlind Eye Shadow – get naturally pretty peepers with several shade combos ($29).
  • Dr. Hauschka Eyeliner – quince wax and neem formula ($17).
  • Lavera Volume Mascara – our fave natural mascara ($20).
  • Larenim Goddess Glo – go for the bronze without stepping foot outside ($25).
  • – super-light powder that minimizes fine lines ($16).
  • Cargo Plant Love – lipstick with tubes made from corn and a plantable outer carton in celeb-designed shades ($20).
  • Peacekeeper Lip Paint – proceeds go to human rights and women’s health causes ($17).
  • Alima Mineral Finishing Powder – lose the oil with this mineral-based powder ($14).