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Unplug and Enjoy Your Vacation


career-adviceAmericans left a whopping and record-setting 658 million vacation days on the table last year. Why? In part, experts say, it’s because we’re afraid of missing out on work once we leave—which means even when we do take off, we’re often unable to truly unplug and enjoy those few-and-far between vacation days.

Taking a vacation from work can create extra stress, says Hallie Crawford, career coach and founder of career coaching agency Hallie Crawford. There’s the scrambling to get work done before we leave—and then a pile of tasks when we return. And unless you work at Netflix—the land of unlimited vacation days—our workplaces often don’t exactly encourage employees to take time off.

But just because it’s tough to unplug when you do use those precious vacation days doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Our experts are here with 10 tips to help you get ready to leave without a single work worry—as well as how to keep it that way while you’re away.

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