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Unlimited vacation? No clothing policy? Results based work environment

A friend of mine recently applied for a job with a company with no vacation policy. Meaning, you have unlimited vacation days as long as you performed in your job.

I heard about this trend again on the Today Show last week. I think it is still a new concept and I will be curious to see how it catches on. I think the factors to consider are – it sounds great, and I think for many people it would work well. But for others who need structure it’s not a good policy. So it depends on the employee. Some are empowered by this kind of freedom, some would be lost without it.

My client, Jason in Arizona, recently said he needs structure, at least some element of it. This policy probably wouldn’t work for him. But I like the idea and I am curious what you think. Please weigh in by commenting below.

Here’s a good article from for more on this topic.

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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