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Unemployed in a Tough Economy Part I

Happy Monday!! I hope your weekend was great :)

This week I have some tips for people unemployed during the tough economy.

Being laid off in any economy is hard. However, being laid off during a recession brings on new challenges. For example, there is more competition for the jobs that are available, only certain industries are hiring, and pay is often decreased for the jobs that are available.

What do you do if you are unemployed in a tough economy?
First of all don’t panic! There are jobs out there, but decisions made out of fear never have good results. Although you may have to work a little harder to find a job during a recession, here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Make sure your resume is up to date. Take some time reviewing your resume. How do you stand out? Does your resume highlight your skills and professionalism? Do you have a cover letter that works? Think about hiring a professional to help you revise your resume and cover letter.

2. Network. Networking is still the best way to get a job. Tell family, friends, former co-workers, etc. that you are looking for a job. They can’t help you unless they know you are looking. Don’t just say “I’m looking for a job”. Give them specifics. Ask them about specific people they know that might be in your industry. Dig up names in your address book from internships or summer jobs you’ve had and reach out to those people.

3. Use blogs and social networking sites. Join online networking groups, especially if there are networking groups specific to your industry. Online networking tools are very important. Social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are great places to network online. Write on other blogs or start your own. That is a great way to show others what you know about your industry. All of these techniques help you get your name out there.

Stay tuned for tips 4-6 on Wednesday!

Here's to having a career you love,
Hallie Crawford
Career Coach