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Tips for Job Hunting During a Recession Part II

On Wednesday we looked three tips for job hunting during a recession, here are some more:

The “R” word tends to scare people in the workplace. We think we’d better hold onto our jobs, or if we’re looking for a new job we think the task is going to be that much more daunting. People get fearful and freaked out. It doesn’t have to be that way! Yes a recession affects the economy and therefore the hiring decisions employers are going to make. But if you approach your job search from a place of fear or desperation it’s not going to go well – period. So don’t do this. Assume that you will be able to find something that works for you regardless. Just be smart about it and re-consider what you’re looking for if you need to.

Here are tips 4-6:

4: Know your limits: You may have to accept less money, benefits or something else during a recession. Before you go on the interview, know your limits. What’s the least you can accept and still feel comfortable? Remember to ask for more than you need at the beginning. You can negotiate down but it’s much harder to negotiate up.

5: Amp up your networking efforts: Knowing someone who works in the field you want to work in always helps, but is even more critical during a recession when companies aren’t necessarily combing the internet for resumes. Brush off your list of networking contacts and see who else you can add to the list and get in touch with to network. Look for local networking groups. Don’t be shy! This is the time to brush up on your networking skills.

6: Finally, remain positive and optimistic: Don’t assume the worst, assume that you’ll find something. It will help you attract what you want!

Consider this… Landing a job during a recession comes with a bonus. If a company is ready to hire you during tough times – they must really need you and want you on board. That means, this is your chance to shine – to make a difference there and have a big impact on the organization

Hallie Crawford
Career Coaching Expert