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Three ways to prepare your letters of recommendation

Letters of recommendation are still important steps to the job search process. There is nothing like a third party recommendation to provide support or evidence for your work performance.

Here are three ways to prepare your recommendations:

On Paper –  Having a letter to hold in your hand can really make a great impression. Keep a hard copy to have on hand for during or after an interview. We get so comfortable with social media and email these days that we easily forget the value of pen and paper.

Online – You want to have a copy that you can access and email quickly. Don’t just depend on your hard copy. Keep your recommendations on your computer just in case a digital copy is needed as well.

LinkedIn – Incorporate your recommendations onto your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn makes it very easy for your connections to recommend you directly on your profile. Make sure your connections are aware of this feature. This is critical as employers and recruiters are using LinkedIn more and more these days to find employees.

Try having as many options to provide recommendations as possible. This could be a crucial step to landing your dream job. Make sure that your recommendations are appropriate and relevant to the job you are applying for. Also remember that having recommendations does not guarantee you will land the job. You can use them as a tool through the interview process but you, as an individual, are still in charge of making an impression that counts.

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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