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Three Tips to Keep it Peaceful and Professional When Handling Tough Co-Workers

tough co-workers

tough co-workersCertified Career Coach, Hallie Crawford, recently wrote an article for US News called “How to Handle Tough Co-Workers – Without Strangling Them“.

No one is an island when it comes to work. Keeping your job and being successful partly depends on your ability to collaborate with your co-workers and contribute to your team’s success. This sounds easy enough, but for many, co-workers cause more stress and problems than anything else. Maybe you work with a Chatty Cathy or an Always-Late Lester. Perhaps there is a know-it-all on your team who frequently gives unsolicited advice.

Here’s how can you work with your difficult co-workers – keeping in mind that you may be one of them sometimes – without hitting your head against the wall or wanting to strangle them:

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