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The Pros and Cons of an AI Resume or Cover Letter

CYCP - The Pros and Cons of an AI resume

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is becoming a popular way to plan vacations, plan workout schedules, and create a meal plan. However, should you use it to write your marketing materials for your job search? What are the pros and cons of an AI resume or cover letter?

The Pros of an AI Resume or Cover Letter

It’s free. AI platforms like ChatGPT are currently free to use. This is a big advantage to using AI to create your marketing materials.

It’s fast. AI platforms can have documents written in only minutes, so this is a big advantage and a way to quickly have your marketing materials ready to go.

It can be a writer or an editor. Whether you need to create your materials from scratch or just revise what you have to make it sound more professional and concise, AI tools can help you with both.

The Cons of an AI Resume or Cover Letter

You could be disqualified. Not all hiring managers or recruiters will appreciate that you used AI to create your marketing materials. You may think that they will never find out, but some people can spot AI-created text. And, if you don’t live up to the expectations in your AI-created materials, that can prevent you from making it to the next round of interviews.

AI may create duplicates. In the end, AI is just a computer system, so it could end up creating the same resume for you and someone else who has the exact education and experience level as you. This could cause plagiarism concerns or, at the very least, a cookie-cutter resume that doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

It may not beat ATS. AI may miss crucial sections of your resume unless you specifically tell it to do so. Also, your AI resume may not follow current best practices for resumes in your industry. These factors may hinder it from getting past ATS and will land your resume in the trash can.

Should You Use an AI Resume or Cover Letter?

While this is ultimately a personal decision, we do not recommend using AI to write your marketing materials from scratch. It is impossible for a computer to create a truly personalized and compelling document to represent you and help you stand out from the crowd.

If you do want to use AI to help you with your marketing materials, we recommend using it to help you get an idea of what you could say in your professional summary, to check the overall tone of your document, or to spell check your documents.

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