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The Economy is Changing the Job Market

As the economy changes, I am finding that more and more people are choosing to start their own business. Some eagerly want to do this and others find it the only option because they can’t find another job because their industry has been hit so hard (example: car industry).

This is especially true for people who are older and have been laid off. It can be especially difficult to get back into the workforce. Doing something on their own (and that they love) can be their best option.

There are many examples of businesses that you can start on your own. One popular one is to be a part of Mary Kay. I recommend contacting Beth English if you are interested in this. Read more about Beth English here

Other ways to get started: Take a look at you area of expertise. Do you have experience with accounting, graphic design, administrative support? As our world becomes more and more virtual, there are many jobs where you can work from and service clients anywhere. There is a whole industry of virtual assistants, as an example, that has sprouted up as result of ability to work remotely. Look at your area of expertise and consider providing consulting services in this area.

Here's to finding your ideal career path!
Hallie Crawford
Career Coaching Expert