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Successfully Navigate the Path to Career Fulfillment: Realize it’s a process

Many of my career coaching clients ask me, what’s the best way to successfully navigate your career transition? That is, how will you go after your dream while being practical and taking care of your needs at the same time? As a certified career counselor who has helped many through their own career transition, I’m here to allay your fears and help you get on the path to greater career fulfillment.

Realize it’s a process.

When it’s time to make a change, people understandably get antsy and sometimes anxious. Change is scary for us. The fear of the unknown can leave us stuck in fear or anxiety. Know that this is okay, and that the discomfort you’re experiencing is actually a good sign because it means you are making a change and starting to step outside your comfort zone towards a more fulfilling career path.
Amidst the anxiety, there is typically also a sense of excitement. You’re ready to make the change so let’s get to it! Embrace that motivation, tap into it to keep you moving forward, AND realize that this is a process that can take some time. Be willing to be patient with it, and with yourself. The more patient you are, the more opportunities and ideas can flow to you and the more open you will be to them. So when that impatience about wanting to move forward more quickly rears its ugly head… use it as a motivator, not a force that will push you into a decision more quickly than you are comfortable with just because you want it to be over.

Career Transition Coach Hallie Crawford