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Singled Out for Greatness

Are you an amazingly successful woman or man who carved their own career path – and maybe even did it “solo” – that is, without a spouse or partner?  If so, you are the inspiration for many brave single souls who want to make a career change but may feel scared, overwhelmed or unsupported.

At, we feel that .being single can actually be one of the BEST things that can happen to your career. It’s Hallie Crawford’s mission to help single people stay upbeat, focused on their career goals and dreaming big!

We’d love to feature a few words of wisdom from you in a future article on Hallie Crawford’s career website, Authentically Speaking at

We’d like to ask you:

What’s the one thing that helps (or helped) keep you motivated during career transition while “flying solo?”


What advice can you share for singles who are stepping out of their comfort zone and pursuing a career that truly makes them happy?

Your prompt response is greatly appreciated. We would be honored and delighted to have you as a guest on Hallie’s website.

Thank you so much,

Hallie Crawford