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Should you look for a recession proof job?

Are you worrying about job security and seeking a job that is recession proof? For example, maybe you’re looking at government jobs? This isn’t best way to go about your job search. No industry is recession proof. You are picking your career based only on one criteria.

If you want to really be happy in your career, try looking at local instead. Or look at what industries are booming. Include these things in your career search formula, and don’t let ‘recession proof’ be your driving choice. It is okay to consider it, but don’t have it be the only reason why you choose a job.

The biggest reason why you don’t want get caught up in what industries are recession proof is because you don’t want to limit yourself. Making a choice based on fear, instead of doing something you really want to do, can be a big mistake.

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Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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