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Should You Lie on Your Resume?

lie on your resume

lie on your resumeGlamour asked Certified Career Coach Hallie Crawford for her advice about lying on your resume – is it ever ok to lie?

In the article, “Career Experts Are Giving You the Green Light to Tell These 3 Lies on Your Resume,” Hallie helps readers learn what to do. Here’s what she had to say:

Repeat after us: It’s a no-good, just-plain-bad idea to lie on your resume. “It’s too easy—especially these days with information so readily available on the Internet— for a recruiter or employer to verify anything you put on there,” explains Hallie Crawford, career coach and founder of career coaching agency Hallie Crawford. “Lying on your resume is unethical and can immediately give an employer the impression that you would lie if you were hired. It’s a surefire way to get put into the no pile.”

But let’s get real: There are a few little white lies—such as lying by omission—that won’t actually kill your career, and could give you a leg-up in snagging a coveted interview or getting a call-back. So here, our career experts are giving you the green light to flub these very few things.

Learn about these 3 lies now.