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Should you get fired for promoting political views?

With the election wrapping up, it’s hard not to talk about politics, I know. I haven’t heard of anyone who has been fired for talking about politics in the workplace, and I would be appalled if I did. With that being said, don’t give them a reason to fire you. Political views expressed in the workplace should simply be expressed with caution. It depends on the workplace, your relationship with the people you’re speaking to, and how extreme your view is.

1) Remember politics can affect your image at work. Anything you’re talking about in the workplace is being evaluated in some way, shape or form. You’re always being evaluated – whether they will hire you, fire you, do more business with you based on anything you say, politics included. So be mindful of this.

2) Keep it light. Talking about it can be fun, especially during an election year. Talk about it to the point that it continues to be fun. If you do that, you’re still well within your safety zone. When it becomes more of a debate, that’s when you expose yourself. So talk about it in a lighthearted manner – Did you see the Saturday Night Live debate re-runs? That’s fun. When you start endorsing, campaigning and debating with people, then you’ve crossed the line.

The bottom line is, is it really THAT important to express your political views at work? Especially if they don’t have to do with your job or the task at hand? If they do, that’s one thing, but if they don’t then what’s the point? Now of course you want to be yourself at work, and don’t want to feel like you’re editing everything you say. That’s not what I’m suggesting. I simply recommend that you use good judgment when talking politics, or considering whether to do so at all. There is plenty else to talk about. Be smart about this.

Check out my recent YouTube Video on this subject, Talking politics at the workplace – Do? Or don’t?.

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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