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Resume Writing Rumors

There are so many rumors that circulate about the "right or wrong way" to craft your career resume. Can you recall people in your lifetime, offering you free advice on the proper protocol for resume creation?

"Always list your career history in chronological order."

"Make sure you print on cream or grey parchment paper instead of plain white so you'll get noticed in the pile."

"Don't make even the tiniest mistake or your resume will get thrown into the trash!"

The fact is, each career opportunity is unique, as is each employer. Something that appeals to one hiring manager may actually be a turnoff to another. You won't know what that might be until the day of your interview… so, there’s no sense in obsessing about it or trying to please everyone.

So if you're feeling anxious about creating your resume, don't sweat it! Two things that will get you noticed "in the pile" are if you tackle your career seeking research with confidence, and approach things in your own style. And it's worth pointing out that "in your own style" does not mean unprofessional. It simply means having common sense about the things that any hiring manager would want to read on a resume, while also giving yourself the freedom to be who you are and share your best qualities.

Here's a great tip for writing your resume. Put yourself directly into the employer's shoes. If you were running a business or managing a department, what qualities would you want in your future employees? Think about the position that needs to be filled. What skills and strengths might a supervisor equate with "the ideal candidate." Do you possess those qualities? Perfect! Talk about it in your career resume and cover letter. Let them know exactly why you are the ideal person for the job.

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Here's to having a career you love!
Hallie Crawford
Career Coach & Speaker