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The Path to Higher Earnings is More Than Just a Numbers Game

negotiate salary

Money Magazine reached out to Certified Career Coach Hallie Crawford for her input on this article, “Negotiate Your Salary Like a Millionaire.” It was part of a larger article, How to Reach One Million, that was published in their print edition. Download the pdf version here.

Becoming a millionaire isn’t about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth or catching a lucky break. For the 10 million members of the seven-figure club, a job, small business, or investments were the primary wealth drivers. Part One of “How to Reach $1 Million” laid out key portfolio strategies for millionaires-in-the making. In Part Two below, you’ll learn how to negotiate for higher pay and hone the skills that really matter.

Nearly two-thirds of millionaires say their wealth is largely attributable to their jobs, a PNC survey found. Maybe that’s because most Americans who earn six figures (like millionaires) haggle over their salaries, according to a study by By contrast, 59% of all U.S. workers settle for the first offer.

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