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Online submitting is not DEAD

You might think that when you submit to an online application your resume is going into a deep black hole. While it might feel that way, it’s not always the case.

I’ve had two career coaching clients recently who submitted to online jobs. One client got a phone call within 2 hours to set up an interview. He didn’t get that particular job but through that person he heard about another job and was able to secure a job within 3 weeks of submitting to an online job.

My other client received a call almost immediately. Although the job didn’t end up being a fit, he was again able to build a networking contact who put him in contact with a department that would be a good fit. He is actively pursuing that contact now.

So yes you do want to be cautious about ONLY submitting to online applications and job boards, but you don’t want to completely forget them.

It’s like investing when you need to balance your portfolio with different investment choices; you need a good mix of tactics to land your dream job!

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach