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Online presence is critical for college students and recent grads

I liked this article from the Huffington Post and wanted to share it with you, Open Letter to College Grads: Employers Are Looking You Up — Here’s How to Get the Job Anyway.  It provides some basic tips that you’ve most likely heard before. Here’s an excerpt from the article that I find helpful:

Be active, and use it to your advantage. It’s not all about defense; you can also be proactive and use these tools to find yourself a job.

    • Use LinkedIn to find alumni who work in your industry. People love giving advice, so it’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

    • Comment on industry articles. This is another way to start connecting with people in your industry. If you take the time to comment on people’s work, you’re much more likely to develop relationships.

    • Blog once a week about your industry. This is one of the most underutilized tools out there. Think about it: you know you’re being Googled, so why not show them how thoughtful and passionate you are? You can start simple. Just write a reaction piece to an article you found in the Times.

I want to re-iterate to college students (those still in school please!) and recent college grads that you have to be on LinkedIn.  Start building your LinkedIn profile now and establish a presence. It will take you far in your job search. Recruiters use it and employers use it to find prospective employees. You need to as well. Don’t ignore this valuable tool!

If you’re a student or recent grad and would like further help with your career path, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach

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