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For New Networkers: How to Establish Solid Connections

establish connections

establish connectionsHallie’s latest US News article discusses three important ways you can establish solid networking connections. While the article is primarily for those new to networking, the principles discussed can help all of us as we continue to build and expand our networks. 

Networking is about establishing connections and creating new relationships, as we all know. And doing so is critical to professional success, whether it’s in a job search or career advancement or gaining access to new markets and clients. But too many professionals, especially younger professionals or those new to networking, advance the ball too quickly, asking for too much too soon, and expecting others to make introductions when the other person doesn’t yet know them well enough or understand their needs clearly.

Often, unsuccessful networking occurs when neither party takes enough time, not just to get to know each other, but to understand each other’s business, services or needs and how they can help each other. Or even if the connection is a fit at all. (It’s OK to admit that it isn’t!)

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