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New Graduate Resume Dilemma! What Do I Include?


Over the years, the competition new graduates face when looking for a job has increased and many are wondering how to develop a resume so that they can effectively compete, get noticed, and get that job! Here are some tips that might help:

First, don’t underestimate your experience, instead, take a closer look at the activities you have participated in and try to evaluate from an unbiased perspective, the value you brought.

For instance:

  • college-graduate-resume-helpVolunteer work or community involvement: have you been involved with any non-profit organizations, school organizations, groups, or activities, around your community at home, or at your you place of worship?
  • Sorority participation: were you part of a sorority, not only as a member, but did you serve in any leadership roles, or help with certain activities, fundraising, project initiatives?
  • Leadership roles (as mentor or leader): maybe you were a camp counselor or mentor or “Big brother”
  • Supporting roles: if can be you’re not the leader type, but helped with the background logistics, coordination, and facilitation towards a specific goal, event, or outcome.
  • Special projects: some college courses might require completion of a special project. Some individuals have helped their profs with special assignments.
  • Employment: what jobs have you had and what value did you bring to the organization? What skills did you utilize and develop?
  • Education: if you have achieved a GPA over 3.5, then you should list it, as well as any honors, awards, and special recognition awards. If for example, you completed a four year program in three while working full-time, then definitely mention this.

You might not have had a chance to develop your hard skills, but certainly your involvement and activities can illustrate the development of soft skills which are just as beneficial and can illustrate your fit within an organization.

Thank you to one of our resume experts, Jasmine Marchong, for this article and the resume tips.