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Must Have Time Management Tips

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by your extra long to do list and don’t know where to start, here’s an easy checklist that you can use to separate and organize your long list of tasks effectively. I use this with my clients when they’re struggling with time management during their career transition.

Step One: Make a list of everything you have on your plate to do, for today, tomorrow, even the month ahead. It’s ok if it’s long.

Step Two: Prioritize your list based on what’s urgent and what isn’t.

Step Three: Break it down into manageable chunks by categorizing each task. Decide what you can
         1. Delegate
         2. Say no to
         3. Say yes to (like saying yes to getting help cleaning your garage, finding a babysitter for help with your kids, etc)
         4. Put off until later – schedule tasks for later in the month or year if they’re not urgent.

Step Four: Categorize your tasks like this every week to keep your list manageable.

Step Five: Place these categories somewhere accessible. I keep this list in a folder on my desk that’s always there when I need it.

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Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach