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Moving back home after college graduation; how to make it work

A recent CNN article states that about 85% of college grads move home. Check out the article here.

Moving back home is frustrating for some grads, but can also be a blessing in a tough economy. Until things pick back up, here’s how to make moving home one of the best moves you ever made:

Get off the couch – get out there and hone your job search skills. Don’t just sit behind the computer trying to find a job. Learn how to network, and network effectively. Remember more than 60% of jobs are found through networking and the hidden job market.

Make a plan – you don’t want to end up in the same job your brother did and you feel like your parents don’t understand your career goals either, they just want you to find something. To get them off your back, make a plan with them. You’ll do XYZ chores around the house, you’ll only be there for X number of months and then re-visit your living situation. And in the meantime, you’re pounding the pavement to get something as soon as possible. Sure, we want you to be in a job you enjoy, but in the meantime, just having some kind of income will build your confidence and your resume.

Think short and long-term work on figuring out what you DO want in a job so you don’t just take something because you’re desperate and end up back on your parents couch again in 2 years. Think long-term as well and find a career path that fits you well, so when you land you’re satisfied and happy in the long run.

Hallie Crawford
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