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More Ways to Revamp Your Resume

revamp your resume

revamp your resumeHallie was honored to be featured in a recent PopSugar article about how to revamp your resume. As a follow up to this article, we wanted to share some additional tips with you.

    • Make your resume language compelling. Don’t start sentences with “Responsible for…” and be on the lookout for run-on sentences. Remove all first case pronouns and write in first case implied. Be direct and to the point, including measurable results where possible. Leave the details for the interview.
    • Camouflage job hopping.  Use a hybrid/combination resume. This type of resume focuses on skills instead of focusing on dates. When using this type of resume, while you would keep the same sections as a chronological resume, use bullet points in the profile section for each skill instead of a paragraph format. An example could be:
      • Adept multitasker…quickly assess and prioritize projects, based on account deadlines, complexity, process flow, and person-hours required.
      • Versatile writing skills…with experience preparing speeches, presentations, dialog, job descriptions, and other business documentation.
  • Create a compelling summary. Your summary should set the theme for your resume with the rest of your resume being a validation of this theme and the benefits you offer. Start your sentences with action verbs, and make sure you do not say “I”. Make sure that the skills and expertise you offer respond to the needs of the role to better target your resume to the position you are applying for.
  • Focus on results. Ask yourself the following questions as you prepare your resume:
    • Which special projects were you assigned to and why?
    • Are you considered an expert? Or referred to by others as the “go to person”? And if so, in what areas?
    • DId you implement anything for your previous or current employer that saved money or time, improved processes, provided efficiencies, or increased communication?
    • How do you work with others? Are you part of a team and a contributing participant? What have you contributed and what was the resulting impact?
    • Did you lead any initiatives? Or lead teams?
    • Are you an idea generator, a problem solver, or solutions expert? Were these ideas implemented and what were the results?
    • Have you been recognized internally or externally (eg clients, customers) for a job well done, team effort, or results of a specific project?

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