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Money Misconception: I Can’t Afford a Career Change

career change

career changeYou might be saying, “My current salary covers every aspect of my lifestyle. I’ve worked hard to get to the place in life where I am today, and I enjoy living life the way I like. I don’t think there is any room for one more expense, so my dreams of a more fulfilling career will have to wait.” In other words: you think you can’t afford it.

Many single career seekers hold “I can’t afford it,” as a prime belief and it keeps them stuck in unfulfilling jobs for years. They’re bound to their current lifestyles and entirely dependent upon paychecks. “I can’t afford it” is something I frequently hear from frustrated clients who want to break out of their career rut but feel shaky on the money part of things. This negative belief in lack is simply not so.

Any prosperity teacher will tell you that you’ve got to take risks with what you have before you can master the art of attracting more. It’s an essential part of the abundance mindset and the world’s wealthiest people know this. It’s not a secret; they speak about it, write books about it, and sell their wealth-building strategies openly in the market- place. You can learn and benefit greatly from the world’s richest people, but that doesn’t mean being reckless or foolhardy about your money. It means taking full control of your money situation and recognizing that nothing in your life is set in stone.

If you’re willing to compromise in some areas, you will be able to take the necessary financial steps toward investing in your career. The trick though is to develop the willingness to compromise along with the determination to overcome obstacles. If you want a new career badly enough, you will find ways to maneuver around any obstacles that keep you from it. If you lead a very socially active or “full” lifestyle, then those financial obstacles are most likely self-erected. This means that you can definitely chip away at them one by one without compromising too much of “the good life.” You’ll find a way to work around them without feeling deprived.