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Managing your career in a bad economy

I was interviewed on the radio recently in Atlanta, on Q100, talking about whether the economy’s getting better and how people are feeling about it. The good news is that more of my clients are scoring job interviews. In fact, two of my clients recently have secured new jobs. I’ve also noticed that despite high unemployment rates, employee confidence is coming back. I’m hearing of clients getting called by recruiters again, including one of my clients who just landed two job interviews.

We have been contacted here at for career coaching more and more as people are becoming more optimistic about the job market.

The interesting thing is people are more focused on the long-term than they have ever been before. This is one of the positive outcomes from the bad economy. What happens is, due to the economy, people are unhappy in their career roles, which makes them on edge and jumpy.

The media messages about the economy pressures people to think about making a change. People are now thinking long-term, which is much better! They’re not just job hopping. We realize we need to think it through and do it right this time; unlike the past when we jumped from job to job. Don’t be reactive with your career. It’s about career management.

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach