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How to Manage the Potentially Awkward Conversations About Your Job Search

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job searchCertified Career Coach Hallie Crawford shared some helpful information in this US New article called, “Asking Your Family for Help With Your Job Search”.

We all know networking is still the best way to get a job. And the first connections we want to leverage are warm leads through friends, former co-workers, professional networking connections and yes – family members. When we mention asking family for help with networking, it’s usually met with silence or a sigh. Many of us, understandably, hesitate to ask family for assistance with our search. Because although they mean well, they may have an agenda or opinion we don’t agree with. Or it’s an awkward conversation that brings up other unrelated issues like, “Why are you changing jobs anyway, the current job you have is great – are you crazy?” And the conversation goes downhill from there.

In some cases, asking family for help with networking is not a good idea. If it will strain the relationship, decrease your confidence or have any other negative impact, steer clear and look to your network of friends instead. But, if it’s your fear that gets in the way, think again. Your family network can be a valuable resource if handled well. We are usually in some form of constant communication with our family so, again depending on the situation, it can be an easy ask.

In some ways our family knows us better than anyone else so they may have not just a deeper commitment to help you but also a deeper understanding of your needs. And if your family happens to work in a broad range of industries or live in various locations, it can be a great way to expand your network. The potential awkwardness of the conversation is real, however, so here are some pointers to help you tap into your family connections without being annoying or pressuring them.

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