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Know your career purpose and get to the heart of fulfillment!

I was working with my career coaching client, Sara, last week and we were talking about developing her career purpose and mission statement. Have you written one yet? If not, you need to! Doing this exercise will get you straight to the heart of what would be most fulfilling to you in a career.

In our career workbook we have several exercises to help you get to this, and it takes some time and thought for our clients to figure it out. One way you can get started on it however, is to ask yourself, “What you want your career to be about, long term?” At the end of your life what would you want to be able to say about your career? That you helped people in some way, had a certain impact on the economy, or maybe something else? Just imagine you’re writing your biography.

Looking back, what would be most meaningful to you? Just brainstorm, write down whatever comes to mind first, and see what pops up.

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach