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Job Search Guide – How to Find Your Ideal Career


Hallie Crawford was excited to have been interviewed by to help people with their job search.

The segment, titled, “Job Search Guide – How to Find Your Ideal Career”, helps people learn if they’re in the right career or if it’s time to move on.

Listen to the 16 minute segment now!

job-search-guideMore About The Segment
Is your job no longer rewarding? Are you unhappy in your career? Unsure if making a change is the right thing to do? Before you make a move, you should learn how to find your ideal career. Hallie Crawford, founder of “Create Your Career Path” and certified career coach, joins the show to dive into what an ideal career is, and what you can do to find yours.

Job Search Guide covers all facets of the process from strategies for cover letters and interviewing to the opportunity for job seekers to pick the brains of hiring personnel to get the inside track.

More About Hallie Crawford
Finding the right job can be exciting, and sometimes very exasperating as well. Hallie Crawford knows, because she has ‘been there, done that”. Hallie was lost in her career and she jumped around from one job to another in a variety of fields, trying to find something that satisfied her. Hallie’s parents were worried. Other people kept asking her what she wanted to do, but Hallie couldn’t answer them. She didn’t know!

As Hallie moved from job to job, she felt like all she was doing was identifying what she didn’t want to do instead of what she did want. It was all very frustrating. Somewhere along the way, it dawned on Hallie that she probably wasn’t the only one trying to find a fulfilling career. Others were undoubtedly experiencing the same thing. That’s when it hit Hallie! This is what she wanted to do! She wanted to help others avoid the struggle she was going through, especially young adults who were going through a career transition. Hallie wanted to be a Career Coach.

It took a few years, but Hallie finally became a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute. And she loves it! Hallie found her passion. In 2002, she established and since then, her practice has grown by leaps and bounds. This validated what Hallie knew all along – that others were seeking to find that ideal job, that perfect career, that rewarding profession. is a boutique career coaching firm known for our personal attention and commitment to our clients. Our hands on approach to career coaching is tried and tested with a 98% approval rating.

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