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Job Search: Get a temp job if it will get you off the couch

Have you given up in your job search? Get a temp job if it’ll get you off the couch, of course I’m being a little facetious. I hope you’re not sitting on the couch when you’re supposed to be searching for a job. The truth is, some of us need a little extra motivation, a schedule, and a reason to get us out of the house to stay positive in our job search so that we won’t get dejected. I received this email from a group coaching client the other day and I wanted to share:

I have a schedule conflict tonight and will not be on the call. However, I hope you’ll share my check-in with the others. When things start to break they all come at once! The “temporary job” has really been a blessing. Tell Kellie she was right, much better than sitting at home away from other people. I am thankful to have it.

-Group Coaching Client

This client enjoys having interaction with people, so it’s great that he gets that at his temp job, even though that position is not what he wants to do forever. If being around others and having a sense of purpose every day, even if it’s not your dream, will help you stay motivated then get out there. It may not be your dream, but it could be the path towards your dream. It will keep you busy, and will be something to put on your resume (if it’s worth putting on there.) You never know, it could be a networking opportunity as well. Stay off the couch and move forward in your job search!

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Help