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Job Search: Create your brand

In your job search, you have to know your brand. On a recent group career coaching call my clients, Herman and James, were talking about this.

What’s the difference between your brand and your elevator pitch?

They’re very similar but there is a difference. Here’s the deal, your elevator pitch is:

  • A statement about who you are
  • The value you bring to a prospective employer
  • What you’re looking for (a job, networking contacts etc.)

Your brand is your identity. For example: What words, feelings, or images come to mind when you think of Apple computers? Innovation, creativity, cutting edge , out of the box etc. That’s their brand.

Your brand is how people think of you. It’s what you are known for. If you want further help creating your brand through your job search, contact us for a complimentary consultation today.

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach