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Job picture for college graduates a bit better

I found this article from by Jeannie Kever.


This is good news for college grads, but I’m still finding many college grads who need more help and direction. I agree with Jeannie Kever about two things specifically:

1. Alumni Associations are a great place for college grads to go for help…a resource that is often overlooked. Alumni Associations vary but many offer help with resume, cover letters, and interview techniques. A lot of them have specific job boards, networking groups, and online resources and tools. Be sure to check out your Alumni Association during your career search!

2. I also liked how Jeannie Kever spoke about the importance of internships. This is a great way to get your foot in the door. Many companies turn around and hire their interns for full-time jobs. But if that isn’t the case, they are great for experience on resumes. Also it’s a great way to see if the environment and job description is ideal. This increases job satisfaction because an internship would help you know if this was the job for you or not.

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach