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It’s time to shine in your career transition!

I’ve had some great examples from career coaching clients of creative things to do to get noticed in your job search. Here are some of the examples I wanted to share with you:

  • Just walk in. My clients Hilary and Allison just walked right into their potential places of employment this week to hand deliver their resumes, and ask if they needed some volunteer work or if they were hiring. Hand-delivering your resume can make a great impression.

  • Call them up. Another client James last week called the main line for the gaming company he’s interested in working for. He asked for the HR department to conduct an informational interview. The woman didn’t give it to him, citing “company policy” but…she emailed him. He now has her contact info to email her his resume and portfolio so she can keep an eye out for positions. Even better, he said she sounded like she really wanted to be able to help him. He’s made a connection at that company now, which could lead to something down the line.

  • Tweet about them. My client Amy tweeted about an upcoming event for a charity she would like to work for. She posted about it on her Facebook page as well and ended up getting a response to her Tweet from someone inside the organization! He commended her for her interest, and she now has made a connection with someone there. She’s attending the event they’re having in NYC this week and is going to look out for him to try to talk to him.

Nice work guys! If you need help with your job search, you know where to find us. Join our new online Career Center for a free resume review and career idea brainstorming list. A membership is only $1 for the first month!

Hallie Crawford
Career Search Coach